Website creation in USA & Australia

A website is one of the most important element for businesses, it builds trust by showcasing your products or services, while establishing your brand with a domain name that helps people easily find you online. A well-thought-out and professional website presentation can make all the difference in the world!

Having a website is an essential part of your online presence and marketing strategy. A website makes you accessible to the largest audience so people can find what they need when they need it. It builds trust, credibility, and increases awareness.

Website creation can be time consuming but with years of experience in the industry, our website development agency will work efficiently to create a user friendly site that will show your credibility from the second your customers land on your home page. 

Trust our agency and build trust in your brand thanks to our site creation services.

Showcase site

A showcase site is an image of your company on the internet. It should reflect your business and your philosophy as best as possible.

It is very important that it is relevant, that it corresponds to your image so that Internet users recognize you and that it confirms your potential customers in their choice.

We develop several ranges of showcase sites according to the needs and your budget:

Our access offer: allows you to acquire a suitable website without sacrificing your budget. We study your needs, we work on a template base to optimize the costs of visual creation and we develop your site. It is about setting up a showcase site of 4 to 5 pages, a contact form, a geolocation and a very simple management interface to modify your content independently. And all this with a quality natural referencing (SEO).

Our premium offer: includes everything that is in the access offer by adding more in-depth work on the design, presentation, animations. We also offer specific options tailored to your needs.
Our offers are modular to best suit your project without sacrificing your budget.

Our customized offer: it’s the project entirely in your image. An even more advanced study to perfectly target what is necessary and useful for your activity on the internet. Everything is adapted, refined, optimized. We work on all the structures of the pages, the contents, the presentation. The natural referencing is optimized to the maximum. All the modules you want are possible. Quote request, callback, custom form, customer login, blog, news, booking, calendar…

Whatever your need and your project, we will find the solution that suits you best. So don’t wait any longer, come and collaborate with us for your showcase site.

WooCommerce or Prestashop

Doing business on the internet, selling your products and services online and succeeding with your business on the internet is within everyone’s reach.
You need a good project for this, an idea, a concept that will allow you to make a place for yourself, to work in the heart of a specific niche. If you already have this base, the study and design will be all the easier and more effective.

Then you need a strategy, an organization, logistics. Managing your online sales, meeting deadlines, organizing your shipments, adapting to possible difficulties, all without seeing the customer at any time is not a simple thing. It requires to be prepared, to identify the different service providers and stakeholders such as suppliers, carriers, financial partners and banks… For this, we will help you not to forget anything will give you advice.

From there, we will enter the heart of your project, with a custom quote and tailored to your business. A totally secure site, which will allow you to manage your products and your sales with your management interface or directly connected to a management software. Nothing is impossible, even modules out of our common imagination.

That’s the whole point of working with Auxioma on your e-commerce site:

  • Study and advice
  • Adapted development
  • Coaching
  • Sécurité
  • Maintenance et améliorations

Trust us to sell your products on the internet. Contact us now!

Study of your project

A website of any kind is not an investment you make without careful consideration. Too often we see that websites are designed and then abandoned because they do not or no longer meet your needs.

Our studio therefore proposes to start your future project with a study of your desires, your needs and what is judicious or not in relation to the market, your competition and your budget.

We take into account all the useful parameters so that your future website is in your image, in your company’s image, that it gives the right information and encourages Internet users to choose you rather than another.

Our study will focus on:

  • Your business and the market
  • The competition
  • Your company with its strengths
  • Your budget
  • The outcome, the goals you have set
  • Your image and examples

All these elements will allow us to offer you a site that is adapted, as effective as possible and sustainable.

Do you have a project? We have solutions. Contact us!