Frameworks are universal reusable programs designed to perform specific tasks to oversee software development. In the most basic term, a framework is a skeleton for developing a web or web application.

A framework simplifies the life of a coder. Indeed, the framework only needs to be filled with modules of certain functionality to accompany an application.

Why are frameworks essential for a software developer?

Frameworks are important for every coder. They do three basic things which include the following;

  • They save time spent on software development. Some jobs that could be done in three days can be completed in two days when you have an overview.
  • The framework makes it easy to maintain your project. Since certain rules must be followed, a new member can join the team.
    Using a framework in your project can reduce errors and problems in the project, as the framework has been tested and proven in software development.

There are different frameworks that you can use in web development. One of the most commonly used structures is Symfony, developed by Symfony Development Company . But have you ever wondered why Structure is widely used by many web developers? If you haven’t, relax because we have what you need today. In this article, we will focus on seven good reasons to use Symfony Framework for your ;

1. Update of the documentation

The biggest problem with today’s technologies is the outdated documentation. However, for Symfony, this is one of the best docs compared to PHP Framework. Symfony documentation is clearly written, well structured and clear examples are given. The documentation is also updated to prevent it from being outdated. This changes with the update of the framework versions.

Interestingly, you can always find a good explanation of all components of the framework. The development process of the framework is also well written in the documentation.

2. Trustworthy and reliable

As a Symfony programmer, you don’t want to work with a framework that works now but makes the whole system fail when finished. Symphony offers consistency and quality. The framework has stood the test of time, unlike others that have failed in some cases.

In addition, platforms such as Easy Publish, Drupal, Magento and PHPBB use components of Symphony. This means that the framework is tried, tested and approved at the same time!

3. Great reputation

Anything that has a great reputation means that a lot of people have used and loved it. That’s why the Symfony framework gets a lot of attention and support in the coding world. Symfony Development is a big name in the business. The framework is developed at SensioLabs, and they provide users with both framework certification as well as tutorials. The company’s official website shows great seriousness and concern for their products as they also have conventions for Symfony programmers.

4. Ease of testing

After each code is written, it must be tested in order to guarantee its efficiency in the work. As long as Symfony does not have strong dependencies, reusing bundles and creating design patterns makes it easy to test each code of Symfony framework. The PHP unit independent library allows to test the developed units within a system.

To top it all off, the framework allows for the automation of functional tests, so Symfony programmers don’t need to repeat this process over and over again.

5. Long-term support

The symphonic framework is now one of the most established structures for a long period of time. It has a regular update system to give some value to the framework.

The latest versions of the framework remain supported for a long time and are still viable with the latest versions. Some versions can go up to three years.

6. High flexibility

Any Symfony programmer will tell you that the most flexible framework for coding is Symfony. Bundles and component features are the main contributors to its flexibility.

Bundles can be considered as packages of PHP, JavaScript, images and stylesheets that can be used to create anything you want while coding. Bundles can be reconfigured and reused, which makes it flexible.

In the same vein, components are features that decouple routine tasks to make it easier for Symfony developers to work on specific elements of an application. Since there are about 30 components in the Symfony framework, you can use them independently and customize certain modules of the framework without much trouble.

The framework can also be used in other frameworks like Laravel.

With components and bundles, you can quickly create flexible applications as they allow you to replace parts of the system without interfering with the whole system.

7. The largest community

A great community is one of the most important things for a framework to maintain trust. Symphony’s community has exceeded expectations and stands out from its competitors with over 2000 contributors supporting its community. When compared to the PHP framework community, there is no doubt that this number is several times higher than PHP.

A community counts a lot. The reason is that it contains all the improvements in one framework. The symphony is open to improvement and, therefore, it gets better every day. Sometimes the coder participates in the development of the framework.

Concluding Remarks

Frameworks are useful because they catalyze the process of developing software applications. Symfony is a powerful and excellent PHP framework of all time.

Projects built via the Symfony framework are highly extensible. They have a modular architecture, use components and bundles and are therefore perfect for websites and any application, whether simple or complex. If you don’t know how to work with it, you can always hire a Symfony programmer and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.