Place you in the TOP 10 of Google

The search engine Google is probably one of the most famous, or infamous, brands out there. And it’s next to impossible to avoid it on a daily basis. 

We know that SEO is key to getting your content seen by those interested in what you’ve promised. But the SEO Google is often misunderstood, misused, or mistargeted. While Google’s complex algorithm can sometimes be challenging, it’s also adaptable. 

This is where Auxioma comes forward. 

We are committed to ensuring your website’s visibility. Our SEO specialist takes care of all 360 degrees of your SEO, you get an all-in-one solution, from A to Z.

The result? A sustainable and competitive ranking. Auxioma keeps an active watch on the evolution of your positioning and on the updates of Google’s algorithms.

Our services in search engine optimisation will accelerate the growth of your brand. 

What are you waiting for? Choose Auxioma and value long-term growth thanks to our trustworthy and transparent services!

SEO Audit

An SEO-standard site is the foundation for good SEO. The SEO audit is our first step. Architecture, robots.txt file, loading time, meta tags, Hn tags… everything is scrutinized. We make sure that your site is as SEO friendly as possible.

Visibility audit

The 2nd step is to perform a visibility audit of your website. We evaluate the current positioning of your site. We inventory the pages already indexed or referenced. We also take a look at the referencing of your competitors. This audit allows us to determine the actions to take to boost your visibility. It also highlights the best expressions to use throughout the SEO campaign.

Content audit

Content is the lifeblood when it comes to SEO. It is its central pillar. Thus, we give a main importance in writing content related to your SEO. To obtain an optimal impact with the engines, we favor content designed for your personas to better interest them. We also work on the semantic field, the tags, the writing of URLs and the optimization of images. Everything is implemented to have a content that is up to the requirements of Google, guaranteeing a good SEO.

Netlinking audit

This is the audit of your site’s popularity on the Internet. It is possible that you have already obtained inbound links or backlinks. However, we must check their quality. Google is indeed demanding about the quality of links obtained by a site. It is even a determining factor for SEO. That’s why the Auxioma team determines the links that prevent the good referencing of your site in order to bring the adequate rectifications.

Optimisation Off-Site

Après les optimisations on-site, nous nous attaquons aux optimisations off-site. Notre mission est de développer la popularité de votre site sur Internet par la construction de liens de qualité. Pour y parvenir, nous misons sur la puissance de notre réseau de blogs et nos multiples partenaires en guest blogging. Nous allons aussi miser sur la publication de communiqués de presse pour vous faire connaître.